François Bel

François Bel

Aloka sy Hazavana - Shades and Light

  • Dates Du 30 mars au 18 avril 2012

French plastic artist and graphic designer.

The artistic approach of François Bel is inspired by graffiti and its principles of repetition and extension. He can practice his art in the street, in the way of Street Art. It is often nurtured through social discourses.

As chief materials, he generally uses copper or iron wires (oxidized or painted as a tool or used as a sculpture). > Readmore

The oxidation of iron and copper defines the texture of his crafts and symbolizes the idea of the ageing process and of degradation in things and life.

The relief in his canvases, obtained from the little sculptures fixed on it, creates some play of shades fully participating in the final rendering.

The surface of shades (with little or with no light) can be misleading and allows the artist to give another dimension to his works, as illustrated in Plato’s allegory of the cavern which points out the difficult access to reality and its interpretations.

An interest in the “no thing” (Nada) directly linked to the notion of existence. This sentence illustrates the approach of the artist with his ideas of the nothingness: “We have done so many things with so little means that we are now capable of doing everything with the least…”

He likes all sorts of human, animal and vegetal gathering, and chooses to remain attentive to time which fatally passes away.

His main sources of inspiration include: Calder, his circus team; the collection of Arman; the strange world of Tim Burton; Dran, the artist from Toulouse, France, and his social criticism; and the leaking techniques of Krink.

Laétitia KITEGI

Photographer and member of the Odessa Collective.


Attroupement social
Attroupement social40 x 60 cm

Attroupement social
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