Dofin Raf

Dofin Raf

Passionné par les rapports humains, Hanja Rafenomanjato ou Dofin Raf réalise des œuvres propageant des problématiques éminentes sur la vie qu’il traverse personnellement. Aussi, il cherche à créer un rapport entre le monde réel et l’univers chimérique et spirituel avec ses œuvres d’assemblage et ses réalisations inhabituelles. Sa démarche consiste à traduire, transmettre et communiquer la perception personnelle du psychisme intérieur de l’être humain et qui anime son existence. Afin de rendre plus vaste et plus souple ses créations qui sont à la fois de la sculpture, de l’installation et de l’art brut, il utilise l’argile, les bois ronds, les papiers mâchés et tout ce qui touche la récupération.

Rudiments: La métaphysique dans l’Art - Rudiments : Metaphysics in Art

  • Dates Du 7 au 28 avril 2011

I do not consider the present manuscript as a book, but rather as an artwork. In regard to that, I strived to work out the profoundest of my thoughts on art by focusing on the subject of metaphysics. I wanted to make the link between a craft and its meaning, that is to make a configuration of a hypothesis valid for all sorts of creation (artistic, religious, and scientific), according to which the artist in his approach seeks to disembody a soul, his own soul.

This is a MS of 175 pages. It is full of mistakes of grammar and syntax, but, in creating this craft, I did not want to get entrapped inside rules that I deem absurd. As a surrealist adept, I think that true creation is what enables the artist to go beyond the obstacles of subversive and restricted reality. It is by adapting to this subversion that we can finally come to understand the laws governing beyond materialism, so as to reach toward a more complex world, a world closer to the quantum, given that the future lies in the infinitesimal. Otherwise, we are compelled to understand the infinitely great by deciphering neither the seconds nor the minutes, but the light years. > Readmore

Rudiments is an artwork born out of the inner obscure where some ideas cannot be spoken with words and sentences. So I illustrated the MS with graphs. These graphs allow me to find some sense of primitiveness in me, that source out of which, in view of communicating or writing some stories, our predecessors created codes under the form of enigmatic sketches (like the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics). These codes and symbols have evolved to become our present alphabet.

This graph is the scientific equivalent of an expression.

A MS with the image of an old book laid on museum showing rooms. In view of renewing the spirit of my father’s bag and of retrieving the image of an old book guarding infinite wisdom,I reverted to recuperation. Since the ancient times, leather has been used as cover. In the Bible, God killed an animal and covered Adam and Eve with its skin when they were to be sent out of the forbidden garden.

In its finality, the MS deals with art and the artistic expression as a whole. But it also reaches out towards universal matters which the scientific researchers solve by interminable researches, given that knowledge is infinite. I do not claim myself to be a genius, nor an omnipotent person. But being a sensitive artist, I am just following my inspiration and I come to gather an amount of notions to form a global theory which would perhaps resolve the question of time, of the soul, of reality detached from the matter, as well as the notion of the dualism of creation and evolution.

Key Lines: These graphs are the simplified explanation of my personal perception of existence, of surrealism and of time.

In the first part of the MS, I deal with the other world, its characteristics and its repercussions in our inner psychism.

Generally speaking, it is a belief in an existence outside the material reality. The Larousse dictionary talks about the next world, the other world. But for me, it is a part of our existence. I talk about an entity present in all matters, with no regard to forms and constituents. This graph shows that notion of belonging to a world which is completely detached from our own but which is its own image, its other or parallel world.

In his/her acts of creation, the artist seeks to disembody this world unto which he plunges to get inspired.

In the second part, I treat surrealism from a scientific point of view. More precisely, I deal with human psychism. On the basis of the researches of international researchers such as Sir John C. Eccles who received the Nobel Price of Medicine, I talk about the birth of the soul.

On this graph, surrealism is not merely a branch of artistic activities, but is an inward reality where every human being lives in every instant of his perception of the world.

In the third and last part of the MS, I tackle with the notion of time, and its psychic correlation and repercussions on a given individual and his/her environment, i. e. the correlations of continuing decryption of an individual to become what s/he is in a given fixed moment.

As far as I am concerned, time is not the instant estimated by seconds, minutes or years. Rather, it is the permanent outflowing through which we realize ourselves. The outflowing generally depends upon the act taken by the individual; this act is mainly in interaction with the circle in which the individual evolves. For an artist, this surrounding circle would create a sort of psychic embryo, and would later make up a psychological whole. To decipher time is to understand all the relations of causes existing between an artwork and its degree of comprehension. I am here relating the way a person attains to being in perfect symbiosis with the state of mind of the artist in composition.

This graph, entitled TIME, would permit to resolve all the grand problems of philosophies, sciences, theologies, and the creation-evolution dualism.

IS’ART Gallery Madagascar

Is’Art Gallery is the gallery that is most committed to contemporary art in Madagascar. So I chose it as showroom for the sale and the promotion of my manuscript. Since awhile, it has become a place for artistic exchanges.