A great lover of art and a great drawer, Parany began to get interested in photography by the age of sixteen. In trips with his father, he was entrusted by him with an analog Pentax, helping him to create a photograph data for his missions.

In 2009, Parany volunteered for social aids in the south of Madagascar (for a duration of six months) where he was charged to create and manage photograph data. > Lire la suite

He then had a job in a firm of pylon construction but he rapidly realized he wanted to turn to something else. By the end of 2010, he left his job for his passion and founded D-Cliq Photography in Antananarivo.

By the early 2011, he joined the team of No Comment Magazine as a photograph and photo manager. This activity permits him to give substance to his networks in the world of photography. It also gave him the opportunity to meet Rijasolo, founder of the KISARY Agency, which Parany joined in 2012.

Parany found in photography the perfect medium to render a situation immortal and especially to express his feelings and assert an artistic approach in his works.

Mazava - Bright

  • Dates Du 10 au 30 janvier 2013

Mazava. What does that mean?

First of all, it is the best word most suitable to sum up the challenge of all photographs: searching for the best lighting. That is how we often hear saying that the light is playing tricks or that the good weather is not on time.

But, as far as I am concerned, weather is never unpredictable. We are meandering. The solution is to be one with it, follow its own rhythms and seasonal changes, and to learn from it to the point of naturally recognizing the light saturation and the ranges of colors of each time of the day. > Lire la suite

Mazava (or Bright) is my credo. The small beam of light through the lock of a door is sufficient to give me the feeling of being fascinated and overwhelmed by the light of bigger scale, that light which gets the brighter, the darker the shades. It is that obscure force which gives light to an entire planet, which sneaks through a hole, which brightens the eye of a young girl or which draws incredible sketches under the light of a setting sun.

I make a tribute to this subtle force through this exhibition of photographs which I present with no devices that may have altered their origins and their beauty.

I combined two of my great passions in the exhibition: photography and video. Being not a video maker, I present the photos in a slide show. I really like the idea for the viewer to contemplate the pictures through the angle of vision of the photographer and not to turn around the room and watch them in random.

So, it is the outcome of the combination of these three agents: light, my eyes and the camera. In each photograph is a piece of my life which the viewer can see through his/her eyes. But, most of all, it is the desire to share these moments of joy and thrill that I encountered in following the sun through its light-and-shade plays. Besides, the fact of gathering all of my pictures on a single medium, a video projector, is also a way for me to fix the viewer’s attention and to make him/her share the discovery of every single instant with a fellow.

I willingly avoided commentaries and other scribbling on the pictures, so as to permit each viewer to make his/her own interpretation. In all, my photographs are not to be browsed over one by one, but to be contemplated in their wholeness, like a craft through my own crafts.